A poem I wrote about feeling beautiful…

What is beauty
The world may never know
Is it conforming to societies beliefs
And not wanting your imperfections to show
Society is obsessed with perfection
But what is the definition of that
Is it having clear skin and a perfect body
Or is it being skinny, tall, and not fat
The truth is everyone is different
Everyone is unique
Scars and wounds are not ugly
And they don’t mean that you are weak
They represent strength and power
Something beautiful, or so you would think
They are tattoos with deeper stories
Engraved on the body and face
No matter how hard you try
These marks can’t be erased
It’s time to stop feeling alone
Everyone is insecure
But if we let these insecurities run our life
Is something no one should have to endure
From pretending to be someone else
To starving your self everyday
It is finally time for someone to step up
And admit that this is not okay
It’s time to look in the mirror
And admit that you are beautiful
You might not look like everyone else
But this should not make you doubtful
You were fearfully and wonderfully made
You were made by the hands of God
And when you look at yourself and think your not
He made you without being flawed
Beauty can not be measured
It’s being different and unique
So believe that you are beautiful
And don’t care what anyone else thinks