A poem I wrote about feeling beautiful…

What is beauty
The world may never know
Is it conforming to societies beliefs
And not wanting your imperfections to show
Society is obsessed with perfection
But what is the definition of that
Is it having clear skin and a perfect body
Or is it being skinny, tall, and not fat
The truth is everyone is different
Everyone is unique
Scars and wounds are not ugly
And they don’t mean that you are weak
They represent strength and power
Something beautiful, or so you would think
They are tattoos with deeper stories
Engraved on the body and face
No matter how hard you try
These marks can’t be erased
It’s time to stop feeling alone
Everyone is insecure
But if we let these insecurities run our life
Is something no one should have to endure
From pretending to be someone else
To starving your self everyday
It is finally time for someone to step up
And admit that this is not okay
It’s time to look in the mirror
And admit that you are beautiful
You might not look like everyone else
But this should not make you doubtful
You were fearfully and wonderfully made
You were made by the hands of God
And when you look at yourself and think your not
He made you without being flawed
Beauty can not be measured
It’s being different and unique
So believe that you are beautiful
And don’t care what anyone else thinks



Hidden Treasure  

Matthew 13:44 “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field”

   I came across this verse the other day, and instantly, it became one of my favorites. This verse is so simple and to the point, yet filled with so much hope, desire, and meaning.

I liked this verse so much, that I decided to do some research on it. I came to find out that Matthew 13:44 is one of the shortest parables that Jesus ever spoke. A parable is story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson. Jesus left us with many parables to use as “directions” when following and growing closer to him. I think this verse was meant to reassure our hope and joy in Christ and the kingdom of heaven. After reading and breaking down this verse, I came across the hidden meaning that Jesus was trying to get across..

This verse describes a man who has come across this hidden treasure in a field. This tressure is very valuable. Once the man realized and discovered what it was, he took the treasure and hid it in another field. Then he sold everything he had and joyfully went and bought the field…

This is very similar to a non believers life. When a non believer comes across the word of God, and chooses to believe it, they realize how valuable it is. The kingdom of heaven is truly a treasure, and those who belive in it will sacrifice everything else in their lives for it. Just like the man in the parable did. He went and sold everything he had for it… As christians we are called to sacrifice many things in order to please God. This might be hard sometimes, but ultimately nothing is more important than Christ and the kingdom of heaven….

Just something short and sweet I thought I would share!


Foot Prints

These are a few of my thoughts after spending more than half my summer on the beach…

What is the first thing you think of when you think about the beach? There are many possible answers for this question, but few would respond to that question with the answer “the sand.” Everyday the sand is marked by thousands of foot prints. All of different shapes and sizes. Some big and some small.  When suddenly, they are washed away by a single wave. Leaving the sand absolutely clean and pure, until the next person comes along and leaves their mark. This seems so straightforward. Many people probably do not think twice about this. But how could something so simple be connected with our everyday lives?…

“Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.” Acts 3:19

This verse explains how the foot prints in the sand connect with our everyday lives. Just as the foot prints in the sand are wiped out everyday, so are our sins. God sent his son to live the perfect life and to become the ultimate sacrifice. He did this so that we could be forgiven for our sins. If we admit our sins to the Lord, and are truly sorry for what we have done, then we will be wiped clean. That is how AWESOME our God is. No matter what we do wrong, he will always forgive and love us. It is so incredible that no matter how rough your past might be, no matter what you have done, YOU are able to START FRESH in CHRIST.


The freedom of a manicure?

Part of my weekly routine is getting my nails done. Now, I’ve never associated getting my nails done with “treating” or “pampering” myself. I’ve always just thought of it as a chore of keeping my nails looking good. Luckily for me, that all changed today…

I always go to the same place to get my manicures. But this particular time was different. An older Vietnamese man was doing my nails. We stated talking about anything and everything. That’s when he said something that stood out to me.. “Freedom is painting your nails”..

I was confused as to what he meant so I proceeded to ask him. He started telling me about his childhood and where he grew up. This is when he told me the story of how he escaped Vietnam..

Imagine, a small fishing boat, packed with 35 strangers. Floating in the ocean, with no sense of direction. All you can see is water for miles and miles. The person beside you is dying from starvation and dehydration because you haven’t had food or water in 11 days. Would it even be possible to have hope?

These were the conditions he had to stay in for 264 hours. Could you imagine risking your whole life for the things we take for granted. Freedom of speech? Freedom of religion? And so much more..

If you ask him, he would 100% agree that it was worth it. He knew the risk he was taking when he decided to flee to America. He knew all of the great opportunities that would come out of it if he survived the journey. But I’m not asking if it was worth it or not..I’m asking if you appreciate the little things in life that we take for granted.

I never thought that a manicure appointment at 3:00 would forever change my perspective on the way I look at things. Just the fact that he thought going to work, and doing people’s nails was freedom. It really made me step back and realize how blessed I am. Not only to live in such a great county, but for all of the others things that I have that I don’t even think twice about..

So the next time you take something for granted or are not appreciative. Just thing about the man who associates freedom with painting fingers and toes all day..

Just some food for thought